Gore Hill Cemetery, established in 1868, can be found in the northern Sydney suburb of St Leonards. It’s a marvellous retreat from the city bustle that surrounds it, and when I worked nearby I often went for a wander on my lunch hour. In spring, the wisteria tumbles exuberantly over old worn gravestones. These photos are from last spring.

The tree with yellow flowers in Golden Wattle.

The tree with yellow flowers is Golden Wattle.


Wednesday’s Flower: Wisteria


These photos were taken a month ago, when the wisteria in Sandringham Garden, Hyde Park (Sydney) were at their glorious spring peak. The garden is a popular lunch retreat for city office workers (including me!), and the scent of all these flowers on the two curved colonnades was overwhelming. Northern Hemisphere spring flowers don’t last long here — now, there is nothing left but leaves.