Winter Garden 1 – my patio

tulips in snow

Okay, I admit it — this is staged. I thought the punch of the tulips’ colours would look good in this photo of my patio and communal lawn in winter, so I brought the vase outside.

Gardens in Winter. Well, that poses a definite challenge for me (thanks Jude!). I was not even semi-seriously interested in photography until a couple of years ago, long after I moved to Australia — and although we have a winter of sorts in Sydney, to me (having lived in Canada until I was 29) winter means snow, and serious cold. What I’m getting at is that my “gardens in winter” photos date to the small span of years that matched me living in London and owning a digital camera. So, here are a few shots of my patio in London, in the winter of 2007.

Brave yellow mini rose after a January snowfall.

Brave yellow mini rose after a January snowfall. (You’ll see this rose again in March for the Wildlife theme!)

Rosehips in January.

Rosehips in January.

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First day of Spring!


I was going to crop this, but I think the reflections in the plastic sleeves are pretty cool.

Today is the first day of Spring in Australia. Yay! Even Down Under, spring flowers mean daffodils and tulips. I photographed these bunches this morning at a flower stall near work.




Wednesday’s Flower: Tulip

Pink tulip against black background

This Wednesday, my focus flower is the tulip. These flowers were originally cultivated in present-day Turkey, and introduced to Europe in the 16th century. They were so rare and so expensive that for a time tulip bulbs were used as currency in Holland! Living in Sydney now, I no longer see these harbingers of spring bravely poking through the snow, and although they can be coaxed to grow here their lives are brief. But they’re available as cut flowers, a reminder for us as we head into winter that somewhere in the world, it’s spring.