Five Minutes with Daffodil Day

Friday was the annual Cancer Council Daffodil Day. A good cause, and a sure sign that spring is on its way!

Five Minutes with” is a photo challenge hosted by Desley Jane. Check out the tag #regularrandom to see everyone’s entries.


First day of Spring!


I was going to crop this, but I think the reflections in the plastic sleeves are pretty cool.

Today is the first day of Spring in Australia. Yay! Even Down Under, spring flowers mean daffodils and tulips. I photographed these bunches this morning at a flower stall near work.




One daffodil, three angles

Daffodil - front

Daffodil – front

For the Weekly Photo Challenge (a stationary object photographed from three angles), I shot this daffodil from the front, the back and the side.  Friday was “Daffodil Day” here in Sydney, one of the Cancer Council’s big fundraising pushes. The photo below is a “bonus angle” because I think they look cool from this angle!

Daffodil - cirlce, viewed from above

Daffodil – cirlce, viewed from above