Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden

That’s the London Eye in the backround, and beyond it the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in scaffolding.

Atop the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall (Southbank Centre, London) you’ll find a garden. A few months ago I posted this bee photo and said I’d follow up with a post about the garden itself.

A moment too late to capture this bee on the flower!

The trees and other plantings provide a pleasant spot to relax for a while.

Bubbly is optional. 😉


Bee on a flower

A bee in London

I spotted this bee (and quite a few of its companions!) at the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden in London. The garden is a delightful spot, beside the River Thames but removed from the bustle below. Bees face such threats these days so I was pleased to see so many of them here, apparently thriving. I’ll do a post on the garden when I’ve finished editing the photos, but I’m quite proud of this bee so thought I’d share it now. 🙂

update: By coincidence, a few hours after I posted this photo I watched an episode of “Hidden Britain by Drone” which featured the honeybee hives atop Fortnum & Mason in London. According to the program, London has the highest concentration of honeybees in the country, and bees can fly up to 5km for food. I wonder where ‘my’ bees’ hive was?