Tulip Teaser (the final post)

A small portion of the 90,000 tulips on display during Tulip Time in Bowral

Yesterday I went to Bowral, a town about 120km southwest of Sydney, to see the spring tulips. Bowral is higher above sea level than Sydney, some 690 metres, so it’s colder and more suited to growing tulips. Each spring Bowral hosts Tulip Time, a dazzling display of 90,000 tulips planted in Corbett Gardens. It’s as well tulips have no scent, or the smell would be overpowering!

This will be my last post on Flowers by Kaz. I don’t really take enough — or post enough — photos of gardens and flowers to warrant a dedicated blog. The rest of the Bowral tulip photos will be on my Pics by Kaz blog. It’s an unfocused mish-mash of whatever photos take my fancy, including flowers and gardens. I hope that those of you who follow only my flower blog will join me on my general blog, too.

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Gore Hill Cemetery, established in 1868, can be found in the northern Sydney suburb of St Leonards. It’s a marvellous retreat from the city bustle that surrounds it, and when I worked nearby I often went for a wander on my lunch hour. In spring, the wisteria tumbles exuberantly over old worn gravestones. These photos are from last spring.

The tree with yellow flowers in Golden Wattle.

The tree with yellow flowers is Golden Wattle.


“I bite!”

It’s tempting to poke one, despite the warning!

The Royal Botanic Gardens has a free display called “Plants with Bite” in the Calyx building. If you’re in Sydney while it’s on, it’s well worth a visit. These plants are not what most people would call attractive, but they’re certainly impressive. There’s even a feeding time session, which I wasn’t aware of, and although it seems aimed at children I think it would be fascinating.

Pity the poor fly caught in this trap.

Once inside this Hanging Pitcher Plant, you’d never escape.

Spooky and menacing with the mist.

Part of the exhibit, capturing a section of the enormous planted wall. The wall is “fully interchangeable” and changes periodically.


The roses of Billong Street

Imagine an entire street of rose gardens! You will find one on Billong Street, near Mosman Bay on the north side of Sydney Harbour. According to the plaque below, “This rose garden was established in 1993 by local resident Mark McGuire. The remarkable floral display from October to April attracts visitors from all over Sydney.”

The Roses of Billong Street

The Roses of Billong Street

There are about 400 bushes including 80 varieties of roses. Here is a very small selection!

If you’re in or around Sydney, don’t miss this display. Click here for a map link.

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