Fern heads

There’s no sense of scale in these photos but these are actually tree ferns, taller than I am. They were growing in a gully so I was able to take photos at eye level as I climbed up.


Pink and yellow and nameless

It might be type of bottlebrush (callistemon), but I really don’t know. It’s another of those Aussie bush plants I can never remember! The flower is pretty, though. I saw it in the Perth Botanic Gardens but did not think to photograph its label. 😦


“I bite!”

It’s tempting to poke one, despite the warning!

The Royal Botanic Gardens has a free display called “Plants with Bite” in the Calyx building. If you’re in Sydney while it’s on, it’s well worth a visit. These plants are not what most people would call attractive, but they’re certainly impressive. There’s even a feeding time session, which I wasn’t aware of, and although it seems aimed at children I think it would be fascinating.

Pity the poor fly caught in this trap.

Once inside this Hanging Pitcher Plant, you’d never escape.

Spooky and menacing with the mist.

Part of the exhibit, capturing a section of the enormous planted wall. The wall is “fully interchangeable” and changes periodically.