About me

Self-portrait in mirror

I was born in Canada and lived there until I was 29, when I moved to England. (Thanks to my father’s convenient origins in that country, I acquired UK citizenship at birth. A strange law, but one I was happy to take advantage of!) After 10 years in London, I applied for – and much to my surprise was granted – an immigration visa for Australia. In 1999, I set off for Sydney. After five years there, I took out citizenship.

My first act was to obtain an Aussie passport and return to London for five years. In 2009 I returned to Sydney, and have no intention of leaving the country again. Well, not to live, that is. 😉

I’m an inveterate traveller, which is the reason I am slated to live in small rented apartments my whole life – all my money went on travel. While friends were settling down and having children and mortgages, I was counting countries. I passed the 50 mark a while ago.

While in London, I discovered tall ship sailing. You’ll see a few photos on my other blog from my various voyages. I was heavily involved with the Jubilee Sailing Trust, an admirable organisation that mingles able-bodied and physically disabled people in their crews. Helping to build their second ship, Tenacious, was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.

I developed a semi-serious interest in photography only a few years ago. WordPress has exposed me to talented photographers around the world, from whom I have learned so much and whose photos I enjoy viewing.

One more thing — You may notice the name Elizabeth Krall associated with my blogs and avatar, but my name is Karen. I was a wildly unsuccessful writer, having self-published three novels and five short stories under the pen name Elizabeth Krall. When I began my first photo blog in July 2013, I seriously considered using my real name, but I decided that if there was a chance using the EK persona would sell a book or two, I should use it. However, now that I’ve chucked in the fiction writing and self-publishing, I want to be me, not her! More about my alter ego here, if you’re interested.

Thanks for dropping by, and I look forward to sharing photos with you.

Karen | Kaz | Elizabeth

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