The roses of Billong Street

Imagine an entire street of rose gardens! You will find one on Billong Street, near Mosman Bay on the north side of Sydney Harbour. According to the plaque below, “This rose garden was established in 1993 by local resident Mark McGuire. The remarkable floral display from October to April attracts visitors from all over Sydney.”

The Roses of Billong Street

The Roses of Billong Street

There are about 400 bushes including 80 varieties of roses. Here is a very small selection!

If you’re in or around Sydney, don’t miss this display. Click here for a map link.

October’s Garden Challenge theme is Favourite Gardens.

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5 thoughts on “The roses of Billong Street

  1. Gosh that must be quite a sight (and smell) – I’d never heard of it so thank you for bringing it to my attention. If I ever get back to Sydney I shall go and have a look.


  2. I swear I could smell the heady perfume of a rose in the summer’s sunshine as I looked at your photo Kaz. That has never happened before, amazing experience, for a moment I was confused. Beautiful photos. I love roses, tried to keep damascus roses on my balcony, but they didn’t like it 😦


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