May: Wild Flowers – Grand Canyon

Nameless purple flower

Nameless purple flower

May’s theme for Jude’s Garden Challenge is wild flowers. I spotted all these flowers while walking along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Nameless red flower

Nameless red flower, lost against the immensity of the canyon

Another nameless red flower

Another nameless red flower. This is a wider view of the feature photo.

I actually do know the name of these white flowers: cliff rose.

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3 thoughts on “May: Wild Flowers – Grand Canyon

  1. Purple one is toadflax penstemon, the header is a Grand Canyon Cactus and the other red one could be another penstemon. Apparently there are approximately 650 herbaceous (having little or no woody stem) wildflowers in the park.Needless to say there were none on my visit in March – or if there were they were hidden beneath the snow 😉


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