B&W Garden 1: Petunia

Petunia in black and white

Does this look familiar? 😉

Does a windowbox of petunias constitute a garden? While the philosophers among you debate this weighty matter, I would like to present my first entry in Jude’s Garden Challenge with the February theme of black and white (monochrome). And if you’re thinking this photo looks awfully familiar, you’re right! It was Wednesday’s Flower a couple of weeks ago, in glorious colour.

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7 thoughts on “B&W Garden 1: Petunia

  1. I think you garden any way you can, so I’m with Charlie on this. And that is a most striking image, and who’d’ve thought it would work so well. The captive light in the flower trumpets absolutely makes it.


  2. I like Charlie’s philosophy! And I am pleasantly surprised at how lovely this petunia image turns out in b&w. The light, of course, and the contrasting colours, and the dark background helps enormously, but I first noticed the fine hairs on the edges. When there is no colour to make you go wow, you start to consider the other details. Nice one Kaz. I hope there will be more. xx


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