One Four: Tibouchina 2 (Grunge)

Grungy Tibouchina flowers.

Grungy Tibouchina flowers.

From Dreamy last week to Grunge this week for the September One Four Challenge! I opened the raw file containing the adjustments I had made last week, and moved some sliders. The biggest changes were to clarity (way up), noise reduction (way down) and sharpening (way up). Bye bye soft and dreamy! I darkened the blacks, then shot the highlights and the luminance for the purples and magentas up to 100. The result is this stark, dirty look.

Here is week 1’s version:

Tibouchina week 1

Be sure to check out the tag “One Four Challenge” to see what other bloggers are doing this month.

A note about Tibouchinas: “Tibouchina /ˌtɪbuːˈkaɪnə/ is a genus of about 350 species of neotropical plants in the family Melastomataceae. They are trees, shrubs or subshrubs growing 0.5–25 m tall, and are known as glory bushes or glory trees. They are native to rainforests of Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America, especially Brazil. The name comes from an adaptation of a term for a member of this genus in an indigenous language of the Guianas. (from Wikipedia)

19 thoughts on “One Four: Tibouchina 2 (Grunge)

  1. lensaddiction says:

    I like it, tho I found the overbright right hand side much more noticeable this version round – perhaps a slight textural overlay to help counteract it a bit? And would add to the grunge – something from 2LO would do the trick nicely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like the texture and this weeks picture contrasts nicely to last weeks edit. I possibly would have applied the texture selectively to just the flower leaving the white background nice and clean. Nice Editing.


    • Thanks Ben. So many different ways to edit, aren’t there? Actually, your suggestion is very like what I’m considering for week 3, though it will be another photo rather than a texture — if it works. 😉


  3. I really like this grittier version Kaz. It just works so well.
    All good suggestions here, so will look forward to your week 3 edition 😃😃
    Textures are such fun! Enjoy 😃


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