First day of Spring!


I was going to crop this, but I think the reflections in the plastic sleeves are pretty cool.

Today is the first day of Spring in Australia. Yay! Even Down Under, spring flowers mean daffodils and tulips. I photographed these bunches this morning at a flower stall near work.




7 thoughts on “First day of Spring!

  1. M-R says:

    Joyful photos, Kaz (even though I’m not a huge fan of tulips).
    I can’t help wondering what this summer is going to be like …


  2. I totally agree, how can anyone NOT like tulips? Though I do find it odd to see them and daffodils together as here daffodils appear long before the tulips. The violet-blue colour is gorgeous!!!


    • I’m pretty sure all of the daffs and tulips on sale are imported from somewhere where they are grown with no regard for natural seasons. Australia doesn’t really have the climate for winter bulb flowers.


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