Wednesday’s Flower: Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

Signs of the coming spring are appearing in Sydney. Last Sunday, I came across two glorious cherry trees in exuberant bloom.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Flower: Cherry Blossom

    • Oh yes, truly it’s only July and August, and it’s never genuinely cold. Days 12-20C, nights 3-10C, lots of sun. May/June and Sept/Oct are cooling down/warming up.
      The colour on these cherries was gorgeous indeed. Deep, deep pink. Lovely scent too.


      • Cherry blossom has scent? Why don’t I know that? I am envious of your weather, though it does get rather too hot and humid for me. Your winter temps are our summer temps! Without the sun!


      • Before I moved from London to Sydney, I read that that winter in Sydney is like summer in England but without the rain. Exaggerated, but not too much!
        Yes, these ones had a faint sweet smell, noticeable only when I got very close.

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