Wednesday’s Flower: Poinsettia



Many people associate poinsettias with Christmas, when plants are often given as gifts, gaily wrapped in shiny paper, their velvety red “flowers” a mass of vibrant colour against the rich green leaves. I’ve learned that poinsettias in the wild are quite a different thing! Scraggly, skinny, leafless shrubs struggling towards the sun, with a ragged red mop wavering at the end of a knobbly branch. Still, they are an eye-catching patch of colour in the midst of winter.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Flower: Poinsettia

  1. I think that must be one very neglected poinsettia! We had one growing outside in Cape Town and it was a proper tree – not large, but very bushy and lush with leaves and then the colourful bracts (that most people think of as flowers) definitely a lot healthier than this one. And I hate the ones sold at Christmas ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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