New plant growth

Chinese Lanterns plant

New growth pushing out the end of a seemingly dead stick. (Photo taken today)

By the end of summer, my Chinese Lantern plant doesn’t look great. It’s straggly and turning brown, its leaves nibbled by insects. There’s a good chance it’s also got an infestation of unwelcome visitors such as aphids or white fly. So although it seems cruel, I cut it back to seemingly dead sticks. My lovely Chinese Lantern plant looks like a collection of twigs. Only days later, though, nubbins of green appear, and tiny leaves unfurl. New plant growth, like any force of nature, is unstoppable.

Chinese Lanterns plant

New growth. (Photo taken today)

When it’s blooming, the flowers look a bit like hibiscus blossoms:

Chinese Lanterns plant

A flower close-up. (Photo taken Sept 2014)

And here’s the whole plant in bright morning sunshine:

Chinese Lantern plant

The full plant in exuberant flower, in spring. (Photo taken Sept 2014)

BTW, if you noticed the funky sort of blur happening in the feature photo, and wondered about it, wonder no more. I was trying to capture the small spurts of growth at the base of the plant, but my lens wouldn’t focus on them. So I used a magnifying glass and shot through that! DIY macro lens. 😉 Not entirely successful, but interesting.


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