Tomatoes: more intricate than you might think

Tomato seedling with flowers.

Tomato seedling with flowers. How does it go from this …

Not only tomatoes, of course, but all plants. How does a tiny seed become a plant, where do leaves come from, what makes a flower — and in the case of the tomato, how does a flower become a fruit? The next time you slice a tomato for a salad, take a moment to ponder the intricacy of the process that created that not-so-humble red wonder.


… to this?

(Confession: I bought these tomatoes. But the three in the feature image at top came from the plant in the first photo. My first harvest!)

9 thoughts on “Tomatoes: more intricate than you might think

  1. I hated tomatoes all my life. And two years ago I moved to Italy. This makes it impossible to keep hating them. 🙂 When younger, I liked to stick motivational tomato photos all over my room, but it didn’t help. Then. Must be it’s helping now when a nice thick red ragu is my favourite food. Loving your harvest.


    • I can’t imagine what “motivational tomato photos” would look like! But as you say, they seem to have had a subliminal effect. 😉 I just wish my harvest had been more numerous.


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