Bristly branch

I’m stretching spiky to include bristly for this photo of a dead branch lying across a tree branch. It looks a bit like a caterpillar or a snake making its way over the tree, I think.

March’s square theme is Spiky Squares (spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and/or barbed)


More ginger

Red ginger, Summit Gardens, Vanuatu

Red ginger, Summit Gardens, Vanuatu

Prompted by the enthusiasm with which people greeted my post on Red Spiral Ginger, I had a trawl through my archives and discovered quite a few other photos of ornamental ginger. I’ve also learned that there are more varieties than I’d imagined!

Red Ginger comes in shades from red to pale pink.

Pale pink ‘red’ ginger in Vanuatu.

Huge clumps of hot pink ‘red’ ginger in the botanic gardens at Hilo, Hawaii.

A red ginger contrasted with a white hibiscus, Fiji.

This is Beehive Ginger.

Beehive ginger, Hilo, Hawaii

This variety is known as Bottlebrush Ginger. The photos were taken while walking in Volcano National Park, Hawaii.

Bottlebrush Ginger

Bottlebrush Ginger

A clump of the Bottlebrush Ginger.

And this one is Shell Ginger, a very different flower!

shell ginger


Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden

That’s the London Eye in the backround, and beyond it the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in scaffolding.

Atop the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall (Southbank Centre, London) you’ll find a garden. A few months ago I posted this bee photo and said I’d follow up with a post about the garden itself.

A moment too late to capture this bee on the flower!

The trees and other plantings provide a pleasant spot to relax for a while.

Bubbly is optional. 😉